FL Man Tries to Buy BMW With Food Stamps & Then This Happened


Nicholas Jackson Mugshot

I mean this idea was doomed from the start!

You can barely get a decent meal with food stamps at times, let alone a car — but that didn’t stop Nicholas Jackson from trying to purchase a luxury vehicle with his card.

According to the authorities — managers at an auto dealership in Pompano Beach were stunned when the 36-year-old offered to pay for the $60,000 vehicle with food stamps.

Frustrated with the salesmen’s reluctance to do business — Jackson decided to steal the car — but was caught when he ran out of gas, police said.


Nicholas Jackson, 36, showed up to a Pompano Beach dealership with little in the way of currency and was sent away, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office said. But the next day, the business was burglarized, and the owner found the $60,000 BMW X-6 and 60 sets of keys missing, police said.

Jackson was caught some 70 miles away.

VIANew York Daily News