Ronda Rousey’s Body Has Changed Since Last Fight (Photos)

Rousey UFC Chubby

Ronda Rousey is one of the cover athletes for UFC EA Sports video game and a photo of her during a recent photoshoot for the game has been floating around the internet.

Ronda Rousey Chubby

Ronda doesn’t look bad with the added weight gain, in fact it opens eyes to how much weight she cuts to make the 135lb bantamweight limit. We’ve seen UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor move up in weight in search of huge fights and more titles, so why wouldn’t Ronda Rousey attempt the same?

Rousey may have her heart set on avenging her loss to Holly Holm but the more lucrative move would be establishing a 145lb women’s division in the UFC.




7 thoughts on “Ronda Rousey’s Body Has Changed Since Last Fight (Photos)

  • How would it be more lucrative for a 145 lb division? You’d have maybe four fighters max that would draw for that division. Don’t see the long term value once Ronda’s stock goes down.

  • Stop making us here your podcast whenever we click your links. Not interested bruh…

  • FAT. She’s been getting fat for a while, looked like a bloated pig when she lost of Holm. Just what you’d expect from a typical non-japanese judoka. FAT FAT FAT FAT

  • she can fight in the fat butt league, or be a woman sumo wrestler maybe. been slopping down a bunch of greezy cheese burgers, downing big soda pops, wolfing down cakes an pies. shes done never fight meisha or holms they are serious fighters keep in shape. ronda being hefty an fat will make her less noticed in walmarts or dairy queen. wolf down big girl eat like no tomorrow ,maybe get a reality show with goob travis an you living out in a trailer park eating road kill.

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