Russell Okung Announces Interesting Decision for Free Agency (Video)

Russell Okung will be a hot commodity on the free agency market and the star left tackle announced that he will be representing himself. Bold move, Cotton. Quote via his Facebook:

I must reiterate that I’m not against sports agencies. I bear no animosity towards them. For years, the representation industry has provided numerous resources for their clients. On the other hand, I recognize that the industry has deviated in part from their traditional standard set back when the NFLPA first unionized. In the spirit of trailblazers like Creighton Miller, Gene Upshaw, and Reggie White; I am pro-option. I chose to accept this challenge. I’m studied, diligent, and prepared to continue this journey.

These moments are the beginning of disruption. This year will be a demonstration of discipline and fortitude. Players, we’ve been shackled by past ideologies of inadequacy and have accepted it freely. You can be free if you choose to take the reins of all matters pertaining to your life. Protect your liberty or lose it.

It’s a gamble, that’s for sure, but if he is studied, then why not gamble on himself? It’s not the route he is taking that should matter as much, but rather the person behind those decisions. Sure it could be suicide for some people, but for others, it might be the perfect recipe.