Terrance Knighton Implies D’Angelo Would Get Beat Up in NFL


Terrance Knighton d'angelo RussellFree agent Terrance Knighton had some choice words for D’Angelo Russell in the midst of his snitching scandal.

Terrance Knighton D'angelo Russell

I couldn’t even imagine the result if this happened in the NFL. D’Angelo might be getting off easy in the NBA right now. A breakfast alone isn’t THAT bad.


3 thoughts on “Terrance Knighton Implies D’Angelo Would Get Beat Up in NFL

  • Basically Russell would get them hands………

  • Hopefully Russell won’t fold under all the weight of people shitting on him via social media and do something stupid. Smh He’ll never live this one down. Then dudes girl thanked him for putting his teammate out there…

  • This is ridiculous if I was the owner of the Lakers I will spazz out on all of them we not winning no damn games but you got time to be on Snapchat and Instagram with immature nonsense this is a business not a kindergarten game

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