Why Texans Gave Brock Osweiler Contract After 10-Second Meeting


The Texans are banking on their gut feeling. When the news broke that Brock Osweiler had signed a massive deal with $37 million in guaranteed money, I assumed there was an extensive interview process. I’ve had long interviews for a hell of a lot less money and importance.

But when you know, you know. That is according to Texans coach Bill O’Brien. Quote via Peter King and the MMQB:

In 2014, the Denver Broncos hosted the Houston Texans for a couple of days of practice during training camp. At one point during the sessions, Texans coach Bill O’Brien sidled up to the Denver quarterback group to speak with Peyton Manning and got to meet his backup, Brock Osweiler, briefly. Just a quick hello. That Houston signed Osweiler to a $72 million contract without actually interviewing him and getting a feel for the kind of person he is … well, it’s insane.

The power holders in the Texan organization agreed to the big deal without any more than a 10-second interaction between O’Brien and Osweiler. Owner Bob McNair had never even met Brock before dishing out the big money. But not by his choosing, more from Peter King:

But it’s not as if the Texans brass were being reckless with such a critical decision. It’s that league rules forbid any direct contact between a player and a prospective team before the official opening of free agency.

Obviously, it is a questionable process to come to that decision, but all that matters is what happens next. Sometimes you can interview a person for days and days and you’ll never really know until you are doing the job.

One thing is for sure, if Brock doesn’t work out, it will be devastating for the career of his head coach.

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  • 10 second of fun….followed by 18 years of hurt!!

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