Reggie Jackson Puts a Lot of Blame on Refs For Pistons Sweep

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The Detroit Pistons never had a real chance to knock the 1st place Cleveland Cavaliers out in the first round of the NBA playoffs, but, don’t tell that to Pistons PG Reggie Jackson. When asked where his young squad measured up to the Cavs, after being swept in four convincing games, Jackson lacked no confidence in his response:

“I don’t think it’s too far of a gap,” he said. “I think we had three close games that we lost. And lost a fourth [in which] I don’t think the score necessarily reflects how the game went. They made a great spurt in Game 2 to push it to a point where they won … I think we just played hard. We competed. We didn’t back down. We were confident.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t get a win this series. Unfortunately, we’re not the team advancing. But I think it says something about us. We have to go ahead, learn from this, move on. Use it as hunger. Use it for fuel. And everybody has to take this into the back of their mind, getting ready for workouts in the summer and then getting ready to come back next season.”

Jackson also went on to basically blame the refs for the Pistons game 4 loss, claiming to have been fouled on this play:

“We got a stop, no timeouts. Kyrie decided to pick up early,” Jackson said of the play. “Thought I cleared some spacing, went to take a good shot, tried to find a good look. I just think refs need to have some type of system in line … fines, suspensions, being fired. Same thing happens to us. Make bad plays or questionable, you’re not really being productive to the sport. Things should have consequences, just like the players. That’s about [all] I’ve got to say on that.”

The young Pistons are talented, but have a long way to go. They can start by ending the delusions.

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  • And he needs to look in the mirror at himself, still a lot of growing too do…to get the the level of the top point guards in the league.

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