Twitter Reacts to Woman Distracting Blackhawks with Boobs

Jordan-Blackhawks-Twitter-Chicago 2

The Chicago Blackhawks were bumped out of the playoffs last night and the St. Louis Blues may have used a very clever tactic to keep them distracted during the latter part of the game.

Woman Blackhawks boobs

The woman pictured above was seated behind the Blackhawks bench and began the game with a sweater on and her cleavage partially covered, FLIP THE PAGE to see how she ended the game…

11 thoughts on “Twitter Reacts to Woman Distracting Blackhawks with Boobs

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  • I am behind that bench every Hawks game…so, , ,

  • I was gonna say steph if they look at every game the hawks play in stl ur in the same spot everytime, win or lose….. jus think ur boobs r making u famous hahahahaha

  • Over rated hood rat.

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