Why Man Convicted of Murdering MJ’s Dad Is Seeking A Second Trial

Daniel Green

It’s been nearly 20 years since Daniel Green was convicted of murdering the father of Michael Jordan. James Jordan, MJ’s father, was killed in North Carolina along U.S. 74 near Lumberton but his body was found later dumped in South Carolina.

According to ESPN.com, Green and his friend Larry Demery both were sentenced to life in prison but Green is seeking a new trial. Green’s attorneys believe they have new evidence to enhance their request for a new trial.

Attorneys say Green was wrongfully convicted due to a misleading testimony and misconduct by the prosecutor. They have plead their case from day one that although Green did take part in hiding Jordan’s body, they are adamant that Green did not participating in the carjacking.

It’s worth noting that Green was found guility by the jury of shooting the fatal shot and the verdict has been upheld on several appeals.