Details on Kings Darren Collison’s Arrest for Domestic Violence

Collison mug shotSacramento CBS affiliate station is reporting that Sacramento Kings point guard Darren Collison was arrested on a domestic violence charge on Monday.  In addition to the domestic charge, Collison was driving on a revoked license and is currently ineligible for bail due to the nature of the charges.

The Sacramento Kings organization issued the following statement on Collison’s arrest:

“We’ve been made aware of the situation. The Sacramento Kings condemn violence of any kind. We are gathering additional information and once all facts are known we will take appropriate steps.”

The formal charge can be found under California Penal Code 273.5 and if found guilty, Collison could face anywhere between two to four years in a state prison, up to one year in a county jail, a fine of up to $6,000 or a combination of a fine and jail time.

Collison is currently under contract with the Kings until 2017. As details become available, we will update the story.