Details On Steph Curry Using Plasma-Therapy On Injured Knee


Injured Warriors star PG, Steph Curry is doing his best to fight his way through a sprained right knee to get back on the court for the post-season (although the Warriors don’t need him at this point), and that includes pulling out all the stops in the treatment room.

Larry Brown Sports is reporting Curry told reporters Tuesday, he received a P-R-P, or platelet-rich plasma treatment on his second day of recovery. According to Emory Healthcare, the therapy uses platelets from the person’s own blood to promote tendon and muscle repair to speed up healing.

It remains to be seen what kind of basketball shape Curry will be in when he returns. There’s not much you can do basketball-wise on a bum knee, and if any can be learned from the painful situation Curry, and the world, just watched his peer, Derrick Rose go through; it’s not to rush lower body injuries.

The Warriors are rolling right now, and although it’s probably killing them to see their MVP, marquee player on the bench, agonizing through the post-season; the basketball people need to not be prisoners of the moment. Curry should sit until he’s 100%, or at least until the Warriors see a challenge.

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