What’s Next For World Champ Charlo Bros? Are They Ready For Lara or Canelo?

Charlo BrosThe Charlo Brother made history by becoming the first twin brothers to simultaneously hold major boxing world titles. They both showed their ability to unleash power punches, Jermell winning by 8th round KO and Jermall consistently snapping Austin Trout’s head back, but they also showed holes in their games.

Jermell was down 69-64 on all three judges’ cards when he was able to rock John Jackson with a right hand to the temple. While those scores were exaggerated compared to ours at ringside, it shows that Jermell still has a long way to go in terms of his technical boxing prowess. He failed to cut Jackson off for most of the fight and relied too heavily on power punches.

Jermall began by dominating Austin Trout with speed and precision to start their fight. Trout tried to mix up levels and throw Charlo off with head movement but he wasn’t able to solve Jermall’s style until the later rounds. In those later rounds Jermall stopped landing the thunderous power shots that carried him through the first few rounds and began to open himself up for punishment.

“Austin Trout is one hell of a fighter, he beat Cotto and went toe-to-toe with Charlo but there’s no way you can tame a lion” said Jermall post fight.

It’ll take that type of confidence to carry both brothers through their next few fights because as champion he will see a definite spike in competition. The mandatory challenger for Jermall is Julian ‘JRock’ Williams, one of the most skilled and feared boxers in the weight class. A fight against Canelo, whom Jermall briefly mentioned during his post-fight speech, would be enough to put Williams on the back burner but that’s no easy task either.

Jermell has an easier route ahead of him but the looming figure of Erislandy Lara still looms over him. Lara could pursue a second super welterweight title and he’s a much more skilled technician than Jermell saw in John Jackson.

The big money fights are out there for both brothers if they so chose and with both looking at talented mandatories it may be smart to cash out while they have the opportunity and the platform.