Why Panthers GM Isn’t Fond of Opening Season on TNF

Panthers, LuckThe draft is over which means we can all start our count downs until the season starts and our favorite teams are in action. One tradition the NFL has started is having the two teams that faced off in last years Superbowl having a rematch during Week 1. Because of this the Denver Broncos will host the Carolina Panthers on Thursday Night Football, something Panthers GM Dave Gettleman isn’t excited about. According to BleacherReport.com, Gettleman feels opening the season on TNF is a disadvantage for both teams in action.

“To me, playing in the opening game, on that Thursday night, is a little bit of a competitive disadvantage to those teams, compared to the other 30, because of the way the 53 cut is set up. You’ve got to have a practice and you don’t have your practice squad players. It’s kind of a competitive disadvantage. We’ve got to play them at some point and I’m sure that when the ball’s teed up we’ll both be ready to go.”

Gettleman does have a point but teams have been playing on Thursday night for years now, just suck it up and play. I’m sure Cam Newton will have his team ready as they welcome Kelvin Benjamin back to the field.