Check Out These Rap Album Inspired Basketball Jerseys (Photos)


Danish graphic artist Patso Dmitrov is no stranger to combining his love of hip hop with basketball. For the first time, the rap album inspired basketball jerseys will be available for purchase. In an interview with Complex, Dmitrov said: 

The demand for the jerseys was crazy. I received over 200 emails in less than 24 hours with people asking me how and where can they get one. At that time I had no plan to actually make them, but after seeing how much people wanted them, I decided to try and see what I can do to make it happen… It took me some time to get in contact with the right people, who backed me up 100 percent, but fortunately for me, I did and here we are today.

The first jersey available will be inspired by Drake’s VIEWS, followed by Chance the Rapper’s Acid Rap jersey as well as jerseys inspired by Nas’ Illmatic, Freddie Gibbs and Madlib’s Piñata, and Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange. The jerseys will retail for $120 and are available on PVTSO.

Check out the jerseys below!