Kevin Durant Meeting With a Bunch of Teams But Likely Already Made His Decision

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The way NBA contracts are structured it takes a long time before you can truly hit unrestricted free agency, so when you do, you should enjoy everyone throwing their panties at you.

KD is planning to meet with at least six teams, but sources tell BSO that he has already pretty much made up his mind about what he wants to do.

Doesn’t mean that a team can’t sway him with their presentation, it just means that it is unlikely to happen.

By all accounts it seems to be a two team race between Warriors and Thunder. In both scenarios Durant would likely take a short deal and hit free agency again after a year.

Don’t be shocked if he chooses the Warriors, the last intel I received and this has been backed up by others was that the Warriors losing actually helped their chances.

Much easier to go a team that is missing a piece than just piggybacking of back to back champions.