Chris Clemons Denies Assaulting Woman in Cop’s Body Cam Video

ClemonsAZCardinalsIn an awkward confrontation captured on a police officer’s body cam, Arizona Cardinal Chris Clemons denied punching a woman in the face and knocking her out cold.

The veteran safety is accused of punching the woman during a parking lot altercation near a Scottsdale nightclub.  Apparently, Clemons was two-timing a friend of the victim and he became irate when she confronted him while he was out with another woman.

While combing the area for the assailant, described as a football player name Chris, the cops happened up Clemons but did not know that he was indeed the suspect.

During the conversation, a drunk Clemons dropped his $10,000 grill and asked the cop if he could search the ground under an SUV to find them.  While denying that he hit anyone that night, he did acknowledge a woman who was knocked out earlier for keying a BMW.

After not realizing the suspect was in hand, cops let Chris go and were unable to locate him once they figured out what was going on.  The city prosecutors are how handling the case and have yet to determine whether Clemons will be charged with assault and disorderly conduct.

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