Ginobili Wants To Return to Spurs But Can They Afford Him?

Manu Ginobili signs new deal with SpursManu Ginobili opted out of his contract and announced he was returning to the NBA next season. Makes perfect sense considering all the big contracts that are being handed out right now. Seems Like Ginobili doesn’t want to be left out of the NBA Free Agent sweepstakes. Ginobili agent Herb Rudoy had this to say about Ginobili free agency.

“Obviously, his first choice is to come back to the Spurs if we can put together a good deal…If you look around the league, there is a lot of money going around for lesser players than Manu.”

Ginobili salary last season was $2.8 million. In today’s market Ginobili can earn 10 times that amount. The NBA salary cap for next season is $94.143 million. The Spurs salaries for next season is at $80 million before Ginobili. Ginobili getting a big contract would make it hard for the Spurs to be players in the free agent market.