Arian Foster Speaks to the Leave The Country If You Don’t Like Crew



Arian Foster doesn’t necessarily agree with Colin Kaepernick not standing for anthem, but he does agree that racial issues are running rampant in our country.

Some white people love to say leave the country when black people are just asking for better treatment, Foster destroys that argument in two paragraphs.

“What do you mean? Where can I go?,” Foster began. “African Americans are the only people in America who don’t have a heritage, because of slavery. We’re descendants of genocide, and people don’t like to talk about that. It’s the truth. We’re the descendants of genocide. So when you say, ‘You can leave,’ where to? I don’t know where my people come from. Am I from the Congo? Am I from Kenya? Am I from the Ivory Coast?

Flip the page to see more of what Foster had to say, it is very enlightening…



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