DL Hughley Asks Black Media That Were Anti-Kaepernick to Speak on Terence Crutcher Shooting (Video)

dl-hughley-terence-crutcherD.L. Hughley has mixed racial inequality into his stand up routines for decades and has never been afraid to shine a light on the racial divides in this country.

Naturally, Hughley was one of the first to call for the black media members that tried to silence Colin Kaepernick’s protest to open their mouths on the death of Terence Crutcher.

Hopefully more people hold these media members accountable for their words and ask whether or not their stance has changed given the latest example of unnecessary force levied upon a black man?

28 thoughts on “DL Hughley Asks Black Media That Were Anti-Kaepernick to Speak on Terence Crutcher Shooting (Video)

  • Jason Whitlock has turned into a HUGE disappointment. Smh. He’s on the list!

  • If black lives matter, tell me to who? Cause all day I see niggaz posting fight videos, rapping along to songs about killing each other and poppin pills and drinking lean while blowing gas all day, supporting these rappers beefing with each other, etc. We kill each other in record numbers waaayyy more than cops kill us, but yall protest and cry over injustice. Protest on your own block when these niggaz keep killing each other. Riot then. Hold up signs saying we gotta stop killing each other while marching 20,000 deep. Oh wait, we only on that if mike brown get shot by a cop, but if pookie kill jojo it’s normal face ass. Yall be the first to show pics and memes of injustice and white folks being let go for crimes, but laugh and record/post videos of niggaz in a group fighting or shooting. A cop kills a kid it’s bogus, and the next day 10 rappers drop a song about shooting a mf with they 30, glock, ak, pole, etc and yall vibing to the promotion of killing each other. Say im lying mf? Right. Black lives matter to those who stay away from dumb shit, but to the majority they don’t. 97% of black deaths are from the hands of BLACK PEOPLE. So stfu with the protest shit if you not gone protest BOTH. Why should they stop killing us, WILL WE? I spit that real, fk yo feelings, I know im right. Igned asses. Gd this, on bd that, ill beat a bitch ass this, and ill kill for my niggaz that. Naw, yall pussy. How you thorough when it’s ya own kind, but turn hoe if a cop pop yo mans. I thought you was bout that life. Yeah when it comes to exterminating your own kind. Fuck burning Tiffany’s down,or their cafe’s and suburban shops in their neighborhood, no we gone tear our own shit up like they care. We gone rob ms pauline hair store or Leon’s soul food restaurant. Goofy mfs. Why should they care about yo nothing ass life, you don’t?

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