Mark Cuban on Trump Saying Not Paying Taxes Makes Him Smart (Video)


Donald Trump’s reluctance to release his tax returns has become a matter of focus in the final stages of the presidential race, and it could be a good thing for the business Mogul.

According to Mark Cuban, that may not be a bad thing for the GOP candidate.

Cuban — Trump’s biggest troller has gone on record as saying that Trump’s admittance of not paying taxes is brilliant.

Not for the reasons you think tho.

He is part of a quote Cuban made Monday on the subject as he said, “The smartest thing he’s ever done is not release them because he’s created a talking point that just consumes more time so that he doesn’t have to talk about anything of importance.”

Cuban had more after Trump basically admitted to stiffing Uncle Sam for decades. For Cuban it’s about giving back the right way.

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2 thoughts on “Mark Cuban on Trump Saying Not Paying Taxes Makes Him Smart (Video)

  • He probably doesn’t pay taxes because of his businesses. He understands how to offset them. We can learn how to do it too. I don’t support him at all, btw

    • That’s probably what he meant to say. I highly doubt the IRS would let a billionaire just avoid paying.

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