Odell Beckham on Being ‘The Villain’


It’d interesting to see just how many dudes in the NFL dislike or hate Odell Beckham Jr.

There’s a line between hate and respect, so why I feel the league as a whole has to respect him, I’m not sure to many people in the league outside of New York like the mercurial star.

For Beckham, that’s all good as well.

The New York Giants star wide receiver doesn’t think he is well-liked “anywhere” around the NFL according to ESPN.com.

“I don’t know if I’m necessarily liked anywhere, really,” Beckham said Wednesday when asked if there was any lingering resentment among the Dallas Cowboys following his celebrated one-handed catch. “It just is what it is when we’re on the field; off the field, there’s no hard feelings for me anywhere. At the end of the day, it’s football.

“I can’t control who resents, likes, doesn’t like, in a sense. We just go out there, handle our business, play football and keep it moving from there.”

Whenever Beckham takes the field, he’s sure to draw a crowd and constant criticism from opponents like Chris Culliver, Stephon Gilmore and of course Josh Norman.

Does it make him a villain?

“I don’t know. You tell me,” Beckham said. “Could be that way, couldn’t be that way, I don’t know. I’m more focused on this year and accomplishing the goals that we have set out — winning games.”

I think being the most hated drives Beckham, and he’ll take the villain role proudly if that means a seat on the NFL’s center stage — meaning the playoffs.

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