Alicia Keys Holds Listening Party Concert for Her Album “HERE” at the Apollo (Video)

alicia-keys-apolloAlicia Keys is back with her sixth studio album and proving that soul is still in today’s music. The Grammy-winning singer brings a hard hitting sound to her latest project. ‘Here’ is an album that takes away the image of the girl next door Alicia we are accustomed to. You feel the old school flow sound and traditional storytelling in this album.

Painting you a picture of the young women living their everyday lives in the urban areas of New York. The pictures are vividly painted in each track and placing you inside the artist’s mind. I had the honor to experience this masterpiece performed live at the historic Apollo Theater.

The show began with a documentary displaying four chapters that will define the album. Running around the everyday life of new york and the people that keep the city alive. Showcasing the raw beauty that is ever forgotten since the gentrification is moving in on beloved urban communities.

Then moving into the phases of young love and self-worth that so many young women today take for granted. Showing how men in New York courts a woman and how young ladies are now finding self-value.

This was only the beginning of the special. The main course was her arrival on the stage and seeing her enter in singing her first single on the album. You feel the power in her voice and her presence alone gives you rise.

It felt as if she spoke directly to you.  Hearing words  of triumph and struggles. This is what this album did to me. Each songs felt like she hand selected my struggle and particular pain. That is what needs to be brought back to music.

The idea of feeling connected with the artist is getting lost in today’s music. Alicia is bringing back that connection of storytelling and strong vocals in this album alone. The amount of emotion that arose in me when hearing this being performed live was more than a treasure. It was a moment I will continually be honored to have.

When that one song describes your love life. #blended ??

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