Cuban Gifts Season Tickets & More to Army Vet That Had Free Meal Taken by Chili’s



Kudos to Mark Cuban for showing this veteran some respect, and pouncing on the great publicity he’s about to receive for his gesture.

Hoping to rile up some good will for the Mavericks, Mark Cuban just hooked up Ernest Walker — the army veteran who was denied a free meal at Chili’s on Veterans Day — with season tickets to Mavs games for the rest of the season per TMZ Sports.

2 season tickets to the Dallas Mavs games for the rest of the season
— 10 bonus tickets to Wednesday night’s game so Walker can bring 10 more vets!
— 10 bonus tickets to most Mavs home games to give out to other vets and people in need
— Cuban agreed to donate money to Ernest’s campaign to feed 1 million soldiers

Walker’s story made national news after a manager at Chili’s in Texas threw away his career, by forcibly snatching the veterans food away, after a Trump supporter lied, and said that Walker was not a veteran.

Chili’s eventually apologized, and Cuban wanted to personally honor the vet.


  1. Thanks Cuban…but the idea is about veterans overall…. Despite this awesomeness…. All chillis should understand,… This is why they’re up n running really well in business as well as any other corperation….our countrys DEFENSE n SECURITY….without us….no business… Period…I think u all get my drift…

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