Loeffler on When We Can Expect GGG vs. Jacobs and Update on Canelo

Despite a minor slow down in negotiations, talks between middleweight champions Gennady Golovkin and Danny Jacobs appears to still be on course for the first quarter of 2017. During a media luncheon on Wednesday in Los Angeles, K2 Promotions chief Tom Loeffler expressed his optimism in the fight happening and describes multiple interactions with Jacob’s manager Al Haymon as “positive.”

I’m confident we’ll get the fight. Every conversation I’ve had with Al Haymon has always been positive and the wba has been very firm that they want Gennady. Gennady could have fought someone else if he wanted to but he wanted to go straight into the Jacobs fight.

It took longer in the negotiations, that’s why it got pushed back into next year, but I firmly believe that both fighters want the fight and that’s this is a big enough fight that we can work out the financial details so both fighters can be happy.

In addition to the fight against Danny Jacobs, described as “dangerous,” preliminary plans are taking shape to lure Carl Froch out of retirement should Golovkin defeat Jacobs and a fight with Canelo Alvarez comes to fruition.

I just spoke to Eric Gomez today. We are still in continuing discussions and for that fight, if it happens, we are targeting September 2017. Commercially that is the biggest fight in the sport of boxing and both sides would win in that situation.

I wasn’t teasing [when I tweeted the picture with Eddie Hearn], I was serious. I was asking him how can we break Carl Froch’s record of 80K at Wembley stadium. I said the best way to do that is to put a GGG fight together and it got Froch’s attention. He started talking to Eddie about the weight and what GGG could come up to so you never know. He’s retired but if that fight could happen. It would be tremendous.

Good news for fans of GGG. If all goes to plan, Golovkin will resume fighting up to 4 times in 2017, a pace that brought him to prominence.