Mets Jose Reyes Ex-Side Chick & Baby Mama Blasts Him & His Wife on Twitter Over Not Seeing Their Daughter (Photos)


Until today, the world thought Jose Reyes was happily married to Katherine Ramirez with three kids (even though he was arrested in the past for domestic violence against Ramirez).

Now, we have found out that Reyes has another child with a singer named Christina Sanchez. Sanchez had the baby while Reyes was married.

It appears Reyes and Sanchez were doing alright for a while, but it has hit some hard times now and she blasted him on Twitter.

Reyes is trying to tweet through it.

Always best not to reply to the tweets it can only make things worse.

Flip the pages to see why Ms. Sanchez is calling him a deadbeat dad and more photos of her…