RG3 Professes Love to His Mistress & Threatens Person Who Tweeted As His Wife About His Affair (Photos)


RG3’s wife or someone pretending to be his wife launched a vicious twitter attack on him for leaving her and their newborn daughter for Track Athlete Grete Šadeiko.

It would have been wise for RG3 and Grete to just lay low and not acknowledge it, but instead they professed their love for each other on Twitter.


RG3 also tweeted about lies being told, but he wasn’t specific about what lies. It is factual that he left his wife for another woman, so I am not sure where the lies would come in. He also threatens whoever posted the tweets.


Flip the pages to see the now deleted twitter rant from RG3’s wife or someone who had an axe to grind it was quite a scene.