Tiny Defends Dancing With Mayweather Because T.I. Cheats & Isn’t Worth $800 Mil (Videos)



Here is the backstory if you don’t know exactly what is going on.

Mayweather and Tiny have been friends for years. Mayweather and T.I. use to be friends as well. When T.I. and Tiny were going through a rough patch, Mayweather and Tiny were spotted looking cozy together. T.I. didn’t like that, confronted Mayweather at Smashburger on the strip and a brawl took place. Mayweather then implied he had sex with Tiny, but then deny he did. T.I. and Tiny got back together. T.I. and Tiny hit another rough patch and she was seen with Mayweather at Mariah Carey’s Halloween party. Tiny said they barely talked at the party. T.I. posted video of Kevin Hart roasting Floyd Mayweather Sr. face. Video surfaces immediately after that of Tiny and Mayweather dancing at party.

👀 #tiny #floydmayweather (video @hollywoodunlocked)

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You got all that?

Now Tiny is co-signing an Instagram account that is defending her dancing with Mayweather.

Flip the pages to see why she feels she should be able to dance (majorgirl is her IG name)…



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