Why Was Mark Cuban Meeting With Trump’s White Supremacist Strategist Stephen Bannon



Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was spotted at the King Cole Bar in NYC on Tuesday afternoon meeting with President elect Trump’s chief strategist, Stephen Bannon. The selection of Bannon as chief strategist has been a hot button issue due to the fact that he is a white supremacist. According to TMZ, Cuban and Bannon have done business together in the past.

In the very early stages Cuban was a supporter of Trump and then became one of his most vocal critics. Now he is meeting with Bannon. Is Cuban angling for a political role? Cuban seems to be playing both sides of the coin here.

With any Presidential election and regime change a little shakeup is expected. Now that Bannon is leading strategic efforts it will be very interesting to see how many more business people will be closely connected to the administration. Let’s continue to monitor Cuban’s potential association to the pending Trump administration.


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