Belichick On His Disappointments With AFC East Coach Firings


Patriots brought on Bill Belichick in 2000 and hasn’t looked back. Belichick has 6 AFC Championships, 3 AP Coaches of the year, and six Super Bowl appearances… who would? But Belichick does have one problem since he began coaching in the ACF East, their lack of consistency with coaches.

Belichick isn’t one to talk about much outside of his Patriots, but this topic seemed to need his opinion. Since Belichick took over in NE, the AFC East has seen 15 head coaches terminated from their post, and that isn’t a statistic he’s too happy about.

“There is a lot of change,” Belichick said on WEEI. “It’s frequent and it seems like it is coming earlier and earlier every year. I don’t think personally that’s the best way to manage a team, but that’s really not my call. Some of these guys, they just do whatever they do. Can’t worry about it. Just make the best decisions for our team and get ready to go here.”

Belichick is revered as one of the best coaching minds to enter the NFL and it would seem teams would take heed to his word. Teams are impatient these days and aren’t giving coaches the time to spearhead teams into champions. It takes times to build a dynasty and with players not having consistent leadership, they will never become competitors.

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