Carrie Fisher’s Legacy Will Continue With Prominent Role in Star Wars: Episode VIII


The death of Carrie Fisher definitely many in a somber mood around the world today. While people mourn for the loss of the actress it also leaves many fans of Star Wars with questions about the upcoming movie. According to Fisher had already finished up her scenes before her untimely death and was working on other projects.

Fisher had just finished filming the third season of Amazon’s Catastrophe where she was a regular on the show. Reports by Anita Busch say that Fisher will have a larger role in Star Wars Episode VIII than she had in The Force Awakens. It was also expected that Fisher was going to have a role in Star Wars Episode IX which was going to be set for release in 2019.

The new film Star Wars Episode VIII is expected to be released around December of 2017. Thoughts and Prayers go out to Carrie Fisher’s family.