Dominick Cruz Tells Garbrandt’s Model GF to “Stay Out Big Boy Business” (Vid-Pics)


Dominick Cruz is pushing all of the right buttons heading into his UFC 207 fight against young challenger Cody Garbrandt.

Garbrandt is already an aggressive and passionate fighter but the mind games employed by Cruz may very well teeter him over the edge.

The latest example of Cruz getting to Cody came yesterday during a side-by-side interview where Cody got so upset he tried to cross rooms mid-interview to fight Cruz.

By bringing Garbrandt’s girlfriend Danny Pimsanguan into the trash talk Cruz has made this fight even more personal but with a fighter such as Cody ‘No Love’ that could be a good thing.

Cody’s a better fighter whne calm and calculated. If this helps speed Garbrandt’s pace and possibly punch himself out early then Cruz is a master of mental warfare.

Can’t blame Cody, we’d all defend a girl that looks like this:


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