Kenny Smith on Barkley Needing to Apologize for Saying Jordan Was Trash GM (Video)

Kenny MJ chuckCharles Barkley is by far my favorite person on the NBA-on-TNT crew. He might not always say what’s politically correct but he’s always raw and honest when giving his opinion.

Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan faced each other for many years on the court where they battled tooth and nail. Despite considering each other “brothers”, they were two of the most competitive players the NBA has ever seen face off. Both full of pride, never wanted the other to get the best of them. Barkley respected MJ’s game on the court but wasn’t so fond of the job he’s doing off the court as a GM. Knowing that Barkley doesn’t bite his¬†tongue for anyone, he and MJ aren’t on best of terms after he said he sucked as a general manager.

Kenny Smith, former teammate of Jordan at UNC and current TNT crew member with Barkley, finds himself in the middle of these two. He’s a mutual friend who want to see MJ and Barkley back on good terms like there were years ago. Kenny knows exactly what it’s going to take to mend this broken relationship.

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