KU Carlton Bragg Cleared Of Domestic Violence Charges After Video Proved His GF Lied & Was The One Who Assaulted Him

saleeha-soofi-carlton-braggIf not for the video Bragg who had been suspended would have likely be branded a woman beater for the rest of his life.

Especially when he was accused of choking his girlfriend Saleeha Soofi and pushing her down the steps.

None of that was true, here is what really happened.

The motion by attorney Hatem Chahine, filed in Douglas County District Court, says Bragg was at a party at the Delta Upsilon fraternity house near the KU campus when the alleged victim, a 19-year-old KU student, grabbed his arm around midnight walked him into a stairway, where she accused him of sleeping with her best friend. When Bragg started to speak, according to the defense motion, the alleged victim yelled at him and struck him with an open palm on the right side of his face.

The defense motion says the alleged victim continued to yell at and hit Bragg until he tried to block her hand “at about the eighth slap.”

The motion also says the alleged victim was under the influence of alcohol.

After reviewing the video the DA agreed.

Saleeha Soofi has been charged with battery. Good for the DA, she should spend some time behind bars because it only hurts real victims of domestic violence when women like her lie.  If she doesn’t going to go to jail it will encourage more women to lie when they are upset about anything that happens in the relationship and that is just wrong.

Flip the page for full statement from DA and Saleeha Soofi mugshot…

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  • I’m just glad that people here in Lawrence didn’t rush to judgement for the most part and for all y’all black people on this post talking about black men shouldn’t be messing with white women anyways, shame on you ALL! 1, she’s NOT white. 2, so what if she was? us as black people have been victims of racism so long that no we’re racist ourselves? smh! once again proving that stupidity isn’t racist or sexist. #RockChalk

  • Charge her, their should be a law for people who lie to damage ones image

  • Same ole same old. Damn, stupid is a viral plague. These young men are just soft. Think with your brains, GD!!

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