Sheriff Drops N-Bombs, Blames Joe McKnight For His Own Murder in Bizarre Tone Deaf Presser (Video)


Sheriff Newell Normand has an issue with black people.

I don’t know how deep his issues run, but he spent a good majority of his press conference saying shame on black people for not wanting a white man to be able to walk out of a jail for shooting a black man in broad daylight.

He pounded on the podium several times, chastised the community at least a dozen times and read off comments from people who are hurting because another black man was killed in the streets.

When a reporter pointed out he was being insensitive to the situation, he brought up black on black crime and said black people’s fear of white people and the cops is misguided and they should be scared of each other.

On multiple occasions Newell victim blamed McKnight for his own murder by saying he made bad driving and verbal decisions.

It was a terrible press conference and one that won’t make anyone believe that Ronald Gasser won’t get away with murder.

When Sheriff Newell finally got around to the facts in the case it seems pretty cut and dry on how the cover up will take place. Gasser and McKnight were indeed involved in a road rage incident that crossed over several streets.

McKnight gets out of his car to confront Gasser. Gasser claims he was afraid for his life during the verbal altercation and shoots McKnight three times. McKnight will never be able to tell his side of the story.

Gasser gets out of the car with gun in hand and almost shoots a military officer who was coming to the aid of McKnight.

I am praying for Joe McKnight’s family and that community because they have a sheriff who was more annoyed he couldn’t put up his Christmas tree than bringing a murderer to justice.

Flip the page for Newell dropping N-Bombs and very vulgar language..

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