Cop Who Arrested Mom Who Asked Him to Arrest Man Who Hit Her Son Barely Punished (Video)


This police officer should be fired, forget suspended; and this family hopefully has lawyered up and is seeking damages because this is ridiculous…and a PRIME example of why relations between minorities & law enforcement are so tense.

Ft. Worth officer William A. Martin has been suspended 10 days without pay for viciously assaulting (arresting) 49-year old Jacqueline Craig & her 15 year old daughter.

The reason for the arrest? Craig called the police for assistance when her white neighbor put his hands on her 7-year old son for allegedly throwing trash on the ground and not picking it up.

When officer Martin arrived & heard Craig’s complaints, instead of addressing the man touching her son; he proceeded to ask her “why don’t you teach your son not to litter”?

“Why don’t you teach your son not to litter?”

This, from an officer sworn to protect & serve the community? Never mind a stranger putting his hands on a 7-year old boy; you want to ask the boy’s mother a blatantly disrespectful question.

Of course Craig is offended and begins to snap back at the officer, which apparently was enough to get her brutalized & humiliated in front of an entire neighborhood.

When her 15-year old daughter attempted to intervene (only trying to remove her mother from the situation with the officer), she was immediately grabbed & arrested as well.

The entire incident was captured on Facebook live (thank God), and can be seen below via the Huffington Post:

Again, this officer should’ve been fired. How can the people living in this community trust the police department with thugs like this on the force?
Do you feel a 10-day suspension was enough?

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