Derrick Rose’s Issues May Be Much Deeper Than Family Ones; Rose Considered a Sabbatical From Knicks

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Derrick Rose said he had to leave the Knicks because of his mother.

We all have moms, so in general anything involving your mom would be top priority. The problem with Rose is that when he was asked why didn’t he just alert the Knicks immediately about the issue he said he needed some space.

He didn’t elaborate on what that meant. It only takes a minute to tell your employer that you are dealing with an emergency via call or text, then you can go back to your safe space.

Also if it was that dire of an emergency that you couldn’t be reached for hours why are you back in less than 24 hours?

The answers to these questions at least according to NY Daily News is that Rose is going through something far greater than just a singular family issue.

Rose, according to two independent sources who spoke to the Daily News on the condition of anonymity, was such an emotional wreck Monday afternoon that his only solution was to abruptly leave the Knicks to be with his mother and his son.

In fact, Rose’s state of mind was such that for a brief time he talked about walking away from basketball for an extended period of time to clear his mind.

Only Rose knows what he is going through and he is back in the starting lineup for the Knicks, but this appears to be a one year marriage that is heading for divorce.

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