E’Twaun Moore Talks To BSO About Pelicans Playoffs Hope (Video)

We had the chance to speak to Pelicans’ E’Twaun Moore about the Pelicans and where they stand exactly on the playoffs.

The Pelicans improved to 15-24 and to the naked eye, so many would quickly say that it’s over for them. But much like E’Twaun Moore said, it’s still too early to count them out. Currently, they’re occupying the 10th spot in the West. Things could change but it’s too soon to say that.

Moore is a new comer to the team. He is pushing his 3 months and he reflected on what he’s brought to the team. His probationary period is almost coming to an end and we might see him post up some great numbers for the team.

In case you’re wondering, don’t count the Pelicans out. They’re still very much in the chase.

Erika Fernandez

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