GM LeBron Reveals First Words He Told Korver After Trade

lbj-korver-clevelandGM Lebron strikes again!

LeBron and the Cavs pulled off a heist of a trade when they acquired sharp shooter Kyle Korver from the Atlanta Hawks over the weekend for Mike Dunleavy and a draft pick.

Sure, LeBron hasn’t received the back-up point guard he claims the team desperately needs, there’s still time for that, but he just received one of the league’s best 3-pt shooters.

Sound familiar? LeBron’s championship Miami Heat teams did the same by acquiring all-time great Ray Allen.

cleveland-cavaliers-acquire-kyle-korver-atlanta-hawksKorver may not hit miraculous Game 6 3-pointers to save this Cavs team but he is an added weapon when they presumably see the offensive juggernaut Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.

LeBron recently shared his first words to Korver:

“First thing I told Kyle Korver when he walked in the locker room, ‘shoot the
every time you get it. Shoot it as soon as it’s in your hands.'”

Sounds like a solid plan for LeBron and the Cavs. It’s going to be interesting to see a 2nd unit of LeBron, Korver, JR Smith, Frye & Shumpert come playoff time.