How a FL Probation Officer Jerilyn Harris Smuggled in a Publix Italian Sub To Her Inmate Ex-BF in Jail



We need more probation officers like this.

I am not sure why she was even arrested, she was being humane to an inmate.

A Leon County probation officer landed in jail herself after allegedly smuggling an Italian Publix sub and candy bars to her ex-boyfriend, an inmate in the Leon County Jail.

On Tuesday, Jerilyn Harris asked to speak with inmate Tarvell Douglas about a subpoena in her office in the booking and release area of the jail, court records say.

Harris, 39, was charged with smuggling contraband into a jail and arrested on a warrant Thursday.

The short meeting ended with Douglas being sent back to his pod, but not before correctional officers became suspicious.

Harris’ request was unusual and not the first time she’d asked to meet with the inmate, Leon County Sheriff’s Office investigators noted.

Douglas was searched with an x-ray revealing the Italian sub, packaged pastries and five candy bars hidden in his jail uniform.

Wonder what type of pastries, making me hungry.