LeBron on Being Frustrated Because He’s Not Getting Foul Calls From Refs



LeBron suffers a bit for “Shaq Syndrome”.

Because he’s built like a NFL Defensive End, even with his flopping it appears at times he isn’t being fouled, because players just bounce off him.

He is fed up though with the perceived lack of respect from officials.

James’ frustration boiled over with 2:09 remaining in the first quarter, when he shouted at referee Tyler Ford and was assessed a rare technical foul — just his second of the season — after Utah’s Shelvin Mack fouled James and put him on the foul line after an and-1 layup. While James got that call from Ford, he was upset from his previous trip down the court, when he felt like Mack fouled him on another layup attempt and there was no whistle.

James was irate, in part, because, sources told ESPN, he could hear Utah coach Quin Snyder instruct Mack to foul him to prevent the transition bucket, and even with that instruction being given and James absorbing what he thought to be obvious contact from Mack, no call was made.

“Yeah, I got fouled,” James said after the game, when asked about his outburst.

When asked if it was a result of frustration over the way he has been officiated lately, James conceded: “It is, it is. It is. But I know what the main thing is — the main thing is to win — but it is. It is. It is.”

On Tuesday night, James once again had several cuts on his hands and arms, which were treated by Cavs trainer Mike Mancias after the game.

We will see if the complaining gets him to the free throw line more.