Odell Beckham: “Yacht Party Did a Great Job Of Creating Distractions For Us” (Video)



I assume what he is saying is that they needed a getaway to get refocused. They needed to get away from football before focusing in on the Packers game.  That is why they went to Miami and hung out with Trey Songz and DA BIEBS.

Unfortunately for the Giants and Beckham it didn’t work out too well. No one knows how the game ends up if Beckham or Shepherd catches one of those early TD balls, but because they didn’t, the love boat is going to be brought up.

Beckham is correct in that it isn’t likely that the Miami excursion had anything to do with how he played, but perception is reality and you make yourself an easy mark when you take shirtless pics on a boat in timbs.

Flip the page for OBJ’s comments…



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