Sleepless Star Michelle Monaghan Tells BSO She Knocked Out Jamie Foxx’s Teeth During Filming (Video)

Before the new action-thriller Sleepless, starring Jamie Foxx and Michelle Monaghan, hits theaters on January 13th, BSO had the chance to sit with the stars and get their take on what really happens during those action-filled fight scenes.

During the course of filming Monaghan reveals that she knocked out Foxx’s teeth, by accident of course, and was surprised to see them back in perfect position when they resumed work the next day. After some gentle guilting, Foxx chocked the accident up to occupational hazard and isn’t holding any hard feelings.

Sleepless is the story of undercover police officer Vincent Downs (Jamie Foxx) who spends a tumultuous night weaving through a web of corrupt cops and mob-like gangsters who’ve kidnapped his son, and Internal Affairs investigators are gunning for his badge.

Sleepless stars T.I. Michelle Monaghan, Gabrielle Union, and David Harbour. The film hits theaters Friday, Jan. 13.