Strippers Upset Rapper Blac Youngsta Didn’t Tip Them After Performance (Video)



TMZ has learned that Rapper Blac Youngsta was recently a patron at famous LA strip club Ace of Diamonds, and he was less than generous with the dancers. Several of the women claim Youngsta did not reach into his pocket once to tip them for their efforts.

The women also say that he arrived with an entourage of at least 20 men and none of them tipped either. Reports say Youngsta and his crew were there for 90 minutes and even performed on stage with some of the women.

Pretty foul move by Youngsta. Here is a man known for flashing massive wads of cash and he can’t even be bothered to dig in his pockets and support these hard working women.

There are rules to this. If you hit the strip club and you spend time with the women you have to tip them. Not that I would know from personal experience.

Check out video of Youngsta at Ace of Diamonds.

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