Tim Brown Worried About The Vegas Escorts Corrupting The Raiders (video)

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 1.55.14 PMOn Thursday, the Raiders filed paperwork to move to Vegas. There’s been chatter for months and now the first step has been taken. The next thing is there will be a vote in the spring on the relocation. At least 24 owners have to rule in favor of the move in order to become the Las Vegas Raiders.

It hasn’t happened yet but people are already thinking about the trouble players can get into in Vegas. It’s the same kind of trouble that a team would run into if they were in New York, LA or Miami so it’s nothing new especially for the Raiders considering they were in LA, but they have been known to be an unusual hot mess.

However, they’ve seemed to right the ship with a QB in Carr, dynamic receiver in Cooper, and a stand out linebacker in Khalil Mack. With the Raiders poised to have success for years to come, you want to limit distractions and Vegas isn’t going to help that.

Raiders legend Tim Brown spoke to TMZ Sports and voiced his concerns to Raiders management.

These players are professionals. Some are going to screw up and some will be okay. Just have to hope it isn’t your star players that are losing it and you’ll be alright.

What happens in Vegas sure as hell won’t stay in Vegas now.