Tyrod Taylor Questions His Benching & Future With Bills Organization


Tyrod Taylor wants to be the leader in Buffalo, but apparently the front office feels different.

According to ESPN, Taylor feels that because of his recent benching, the Bills organization doesn’t feel like he can lead or even has a future of the team.

“That’s fair to say. That’s what it showed,” Taylor said Monday, when Bills players gathered to clear out their lockers a day after a season-ending 30-10 loss at the New York Jets.

“Did I believe that was fair? No, I didn’t,” Taylor said, adding that he is hoping to get a lengthier explanation from the team during exit meetings. “Once we have the conversation and it’s actually explained to me why it was done the way it was, we’ll move forward from there. But we’ll see when that happens.”

Despite his struggles to finish games within 4 points or less, Taylor had and impressive six rushing TDs, 17 TDs, and 3,023 yards. Maybe we are only pointing out his negatives because of the organizations failure t find leadership within their coaching or front office, but Taylor is something special. Given the chance for someone to cultivate and mold him into a winning QB, a team could flourish under his leadership. Sometimes all it takes is for a team to give 100%.

“Can we be better? Yes. Can I be better? Yes,” Taylor said. “If the decision is to keep me here, I’m definitely going to continue to keep playing my heart out.”