Reporter Tells DeMarcus Cousins He Doesn’t Want Him in Sacramento (Video)

There’s no debate that DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins is extremely talented; as evidenced by his performance. However, the inability to channel that individual success into team-wide success for the Sacramento Kings has often placed the outspoken center at odds with the team’s administration and with local reporters.

On Tuesday night, Boogie who is reportedly in the middle of a major contract extension negotiation, was asked if he wants to remain in Sacramento. After stating his love for Sacramento and desire to remain there, Boogie decided to flip the question to two of his biggest media critics, Ailene Voisin and Andy Furillo.

Voisin played it safe with a “no comment” while Furillo flat out said “no”. Both reporters write for the Sacramento Bee and have had their share of conflict with Cousins.

With the reported negotiations of a $200 million-plus contract extension that would keep Cousins with the Kings through the 2022-23 season on the table, it looks like both sides will have to grin and bear it.