Beyonce Video Game Allows Users To Make Lemonade (Photos)

Are you an upstanding member of the Bey-Hive? Are you still basking her Oshun themed show performance? Are you mad, like Adele, that she was snubbed for “Album of the Year?”

Then a new Beyoncé inspired video game is just what you need.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the 8-bit online game called Lemonade Rage was created by Joe Laquite, Justin Au, Line Johnsen, and Colby Spear. The game uses popular single “Hold Up” as the game music and features Queen Bey wearing the yellow dress seen in the video while swinging a baseball bat.

To earn lemons, players navigate through the game as Beyonce smashing cars, windows and ads for “good hair.”

Ready to play? To see images from the game and the link to play, flip the pages.