Cam’Ron Airs Out Jim Jones: 5 Things We Learned (Video)

Cam'Ron and Jim Jones

Nothing lasts forever, not even the Diplomats. Cam’Ron reiterated that after every breakup and failed Dipset reunion and it looks like people might just have to accept it. For good.

Killa took to Instagram live Saturday night to answer claims made by Jim Jones in his Funkmaster Flex interview on Hot 97 earlier in the week. Among those claims, Jim stated he was Cam’Ron’s enforcer, Cam robbed him and Juelz Santana of millions of dollars and was jealous when Jim reached success with the hit record Ballin’.

Cam, for his part, denies most of Capo’s claims. Here are the five most revealing things we learned during Cam’s livestream.

  1. Cam’Ron and Jim Jones never had a contract for any business between them, every deal they honored was by word of mouth.
  2. Mendeecees Harris called in from prison and said there’s a video of Jim Jones laid up somewhere crying after an altercation with associates of his.
  3. 50 Cent told Cam he knew he’d be able to manipulate Jim into joining him onstage during their beef. Fif used Jim as a chess-piece and he went for it hook, line and sinker.
  4. Around 2006, Cam printed up t-shirts mocking Jim for tricking on Chrissy Lampkin (whom he’d just met at the time). Jim took the shirts personally, Cam claims he meant them as a joke and regrets doing it.
  5. Cam says Jim should’ve put albums from Stack Bundles and Max B out instead of using them to promote his own career. He took it a step further when he suggested Max may not have been in a position to take penitentiary chances and Stack might’ve moved out of Far Rockaway, Queens before being murdered if Jones allowed them to eat.

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    • I honestly don’t have much to say. Though I’ve appreciated some music, I never cared for Dipset like that. They’re interesting to watch in the trainwreck sense, but I don’t care for any of them as artists. I think both of these dudes front a great deal and may very well lie on each other just as much.

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