Charles Oakley On How James Dolan Is Like Donald Sterling (Video)

The feud between former Knicks player Charles Oakley and team owner James Dolan continues to reach a boil with Oakley essentially calling Dolan a racist.

On Thursday’s edition of Sport’s Illustrated Now host Maggie Gray asks Oakley, a phone guest of the show, for his reaction to Draymond Green’s recent podcast comments stating Dolan has a “Slave Master” mentality. Oakley concurred and added his belief that the Knicks would destruct much like Donald Sterling and the Clippers.

“He’s a control freak. He got everybody in the Garden on pins and needles. The other owners know this, that’s the bad thing about it. They gonna let this end up happening like something happened to the LA Clippers. It’s that bad. But they won’t talk about it.”

Pressing further Gray asks Oakley point blank if he believes Dolan is a racist. To which he responds “he’s on that level.”

Dolan has yet to respond to Oakley and Green’s comments. This is going to get worst before it gets any better.