Dana White Explains Why He’ll Give Jon Jones Immediate Title Shot Despite ‘D*ck Pill’ Suspension

Jonny ‘Bones’ Jones is the UFC’s black cat; Dana White and the UFC allow him to use every one of his 9 lives but in the end it’ll always goes wrong when he crosses you.

The currently suspended Jones is scheduled to return to the octagon in July and the UFC is banking on it being for the light heavyweight championship.

Never mind the fact that Jones has pulled out of 2 of the last 3 scheduled title matches he’s had, both due to suspension. Ignore that his latest offense was for PEDs, or ‘D*ck Pills’ if you ask him. And skip over his gross inactivity the past 3 years, 3 fights since 2014.

Dana White spoke openly about Jon Jones on the latest UFC Unfiltered and was surprisingly giving Jon a clean slate.

“Jon Jones is supposed to return around July so the timing is perfect. I haven’t talked to him. I haven’t talked to Jon Jones since the whole incident (at UFC 200),” White said on the “UFC Unfiltered” podcast.

“Depending on where Jon’s head is and where he thinks he is, I would assume he would come right back and try to get his title back.”

Giving Jon Jones an immediate title fight defies logic but Dana tries his best to explain it anyway.

“If you’re going to go in there and give it, at least go in and try to get your belt back,” White said about Jones. “It’s like everyone was saying Ronda (Rousey) should have had a tune up (fight). There are no tune-up fights.

“When you break into the top five in the world, everybody’s nasty. What you don’t want to do is lose to somebody (ranked) 8, 9, 10. It knocks you right out of the top 10 and it doesn’t make sense.”

Let’s be honest, the UFC is hurting for stars. With McGregor on hiatus and Rousey an inch from retirement they need someone to draw eyes. Jon Jones and his traveling circus is the man for the job.