Details on Brady & Pats Historic Super Bowl Comeback as Subject of Book and Movie Deal


Deadline is reporting that Tom Brady and the Patriots’ historic Super Bowl comeback will be the subjects of a new book and movie. The team that wrote Disney’s The Finest Hours and New York Times bestselling author Casey Sherman are the creative team behind the book.

The book and film will center around Brady’s legacy as the only five time Super Bowl winning quarterback in NFL history and the team’s historic comeback against the Falcons in last month’s Super Bowl. The book and movie will also touch on the team’s “Deflategate” scandal and the tension with league commissioner Roger Goodell. Several Patriots players and people within the organization will serve as sources for the project.

This book and movie will certainly do well in the New England area and among die hard sports fans. What would make the story even more interesting is if the book and movie delve into the team’s close association with Donald Trump and his administration. Doubt it will even be a footnote.

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